Terms and Conditions

The general conditions of Overmania.nl

Article 1: Applicability of general conditions

These general conditions for delivery apply to all agreements that you conclude with the seller, whether it concerns deliveries of articles or the delivery of services. By ordering you indicate that you agree with the general terms and conditions of delivery.

Article 2: Order and formation agreement

All offers made by the seller are made without obligation and are made by publication on the website. Photo of the displayed product can always be slightly different.
Seller is never obliged to an offer if there is printing, typesetting or programming errors of, among other things, her catalogs, mailings or website.

The agreement only comes into effect when the seller sends an order confirmation to the buyer (by e-mail). An order confirmation will not be sent by the seller prior to receipt of an order form fully completed by the buyer.

Buyer can send the order form by electronic shipment on the website.

An order is not valid if the seller can not unambiguously determine his or her permanent place of residence or stay. By ordering, a 'buy-at-distance' is established, in accordance with article 7:46 paragraph a through j of the Dutch Civil Code.

In individual cases, the seller may decide to refuse orders or impose a further condition before proceeding with delivery. The seller is not obliged to give further reasons for this refusal.

Article 3. Prices and payments

All prices are expressed in Euro (€) and including sales tax (VAT).
However, the articles and margin articles used are covered by the Margin scheme and are not subject to VAT.
If a price is incorrect on the site or on the order confirmation, the seller retains the right to charge the correct price.
Payment can be made via bank or Paypal.
In case of payment by bank, the date of payment is the date of crediting the account of the seller.

Article 4. Delivery and shipping costs

The delivery times stated on the website are indicative and determined on the basis of available stocks, any (post-) delivery periods and delivery in the Netherlands. A specified delivery time is therefore never a fatal deadline.
Should the seller, for whatever reason, not be able to deliver, the buyer will be informed of this as soon as possible and the opportunity is offered to dissolve the agreement free of charge. Payments that the seller has already received will be paid back to the bank or giro account of the buyer within fourteen days upon termination of the agreement.

Buyer receives an invoice upon delivery of the ordered items.

At the prices quoted on this website, the seller will charge 2.75 euro for mail delivery for parcel post 6.75 euro.
The aforementioned shipping costs do not apply to delivery to countries other than the Netherlands. The seller will inform buyer by e-mail of the actual shipping costs. Delivery to the foreign country takes place no sooner than after a written confirmation from the buyer in which the actual shipping costs are accepted.

If the buyer has moved and has not made this known to the seller, then an episode at the last home address made known to the seller shall count as a valid delivery. Seller is not liable for any damage that buyer may suffer because the delivery did not take place at the actual address.

Article 5. Defects - Returns

The buyer is only entitled to return the articles within 14 days after actual delivery, in their original condition and after consultation with the seller, if the product does not function. The shipping costs of the return shipment are at the expense of the buyer. The product will be replaced. If this is not possible, the amount already paid by the buyer, reduced by shipping and administration costs (5 euros), will be paid back to the bank or giro account of the buyer within 14 days after the seller has actually returned the items.

After the period of fourteen days, the buyer can no longer return his or her purchase

Article 6. Returns

Only possible in the undamaged, original packaging within 14 days of purchase (14 days)

Hygiene products

a. Returning hygiene products such as flask machines, headphones, earplugs and heart rate monitors can be done in the original box for up to 14 days after purchase.


b. For articles with seal applies; article opened and the seal broken, the possibility of returning with right to financial restitution expires. If there is a broken seal and / or traces of use, as determined by our service department, any right to a refund lapses.

c. Items without a seal may be unpacked if packaging remains intact, viewed and in case of dissatisfaction in the intact origin