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If you make a purchase with Overmania, you get 14 working days to change your mind. The reflection period starts at the time your order is delivered. This period gives you the opportunity to view the product and the time to consider whether you want to keep the order or return it.

Within the cooling-off period you have the right to dissolve the purchase without giving any reason.

This right of cancellation only applies if you have used the product at the most, in that you can decide whether you want to keep it or not. The right to dissolution does not apply if you act in a profession or business, or if the purchase concerns items as referred to in Section 7: 46d (4) Dutch Civil Code.

Unauthorized actions
As a buyer you may not, with regard to the product from which the purchase is / is summoned, perform any actions that are reserved to the manufacturer or persons designated by the manufacturer. You are also not allowed to perform any actions resulting in a reduction in the value of the product or because of which the product can no longer be offered as new by Overmania.

You can usually find which actions are not permitted in the description supplied with the product, manual or on the website of the manufacturer. For example, you may not remove seals, parts or serial numbers.

Damages by the buyer
If within the reflection period you do not return the products or return them completely or return them in damaged or otherwise deteriorated condition, you must compensate the damage that has arisen as a result. This also applies if the damage occurred during use in compliance with the manufacturer's instructions.

This is only different when the damage has arisen when trying the product, as it could in a store. As a buyer, you can avoid the obligation to pay compensation by not using the product after delivery and taking all necessary care to prevent damage. You can do this by strictly complying with all return instructions that Overmania provides you with the order confirmation.

In the event of damage or destruction of a product, Overmania is entitled to compensation, unless the damage is a demonstrable direct consequence of normal use. Normal use has the sole purpose of trying the product. The regulations that belong to the product or the return shipment must also be followed.