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WiFi tablet.
It is almost impossible to imagine our living rooms without them. Tablets are an alternative to the simple laptop, they are flat in size and have a handy design. The operation of a tablet is done via a touch screen. A number of fixed programs on a tablet are often the internet browser and a music player. Each tablet can be set according to your own interests by using applications; small programs that can be adapted to your interests.

Why choose a WiFi tablet?
The possibilities of a tablet are less than those of a normal computer, but for those who just want to surf around on the couch at home or read internet articles, it is sufficient. For indoor use, a tablet that only runs on WiFi will be more than enough. It is nice to have a good processor for loading and playing internet games.

What to watch out for?

· Display screen; size and ratio: the screen is responsible for the ease of use of the tablet. There are somewhat larger (10 inch / 25 cm diagonal) and smaller (7-8.9 inch / 18-23 cm diagonal models. The size determines the degree of weight. In addition to the size, there are differences in aspect ratio. models with a 4: 3 screen ratio, such as the iPad. In addition, there are rectangular models with a 16: 9 ratio, like most Android models. (Source)

· Display, screen size and quality: The sharpness is determined by the number of pixels. models have 1024 * 768 or 1280 * 800 pixels, while the more luxurious ones have 1920 * 1080 or more pixels.The more pixels, the sharper and more detailed the text can be displayed.

· Internet connection; for a tablet with WiFi only, you need an internet connection at home that is wireless.

· Guarantee; always check the 
warranty conditions in advance before purchasing the tablet.

· Storage capacities; internal storage capacity may vary from tablet to tablet. 8G or 16G are the most common capacities to manage normal usage. When the desire is to store more photos and videos, you also need more space. Of course, the storage capacity can also be expanded with an SD card.