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Children's Tablets from Disney

Children's Tablets from Disney

Small children are smart and learn quickly. In a house full of mobile devices, children quickly know how to access various apps and passwords and login codes. This can damage the security of your internet environment and your child.

When you choose to let your child play with a regular tablet, it is not always the most sensible choice. Because they are quick to invent how a device works, it could be that they end up on YouTube and see videos that are not intended for their eyes. Not to think about access to your banking app, for example.

A children's tablet is often equipped with parental controls. This way, parents can manage and control their children's search behavior. But also do not grant access to certain apps.

An example of a good children's tablet is the Disney Pebble Gear tablet, which is specially designed for children. Equipped with 500 games in the play store including a large number of educational games.

You can set a time limit on this tablet. In this way you can set the playing time on the tablet together.

Children's tablets are often firmer than normal tablets. They are much less likely to break when they fall.

With the bumper cover from Pebble Gear and an extra screen protector and carrying bag / pouch, it is almost indestructible and will provide many hours of fun.

With a children's tablet, your child can safely discover, watch, listen or interact with the internet.